When it comes to fitness, everyone wants results. Also, these results have to be fast and achieved with little effort. In a word, when it comes to fitness, everyone demands productivity.

Evernote is a cloud note-taking app and a well-known productivity tool. It actually helps people get their things done in their business and personal life. We´ll use Evernote to keep track of every single detail of your workouts and meals, help you to do what you have to do, keep you accountable, motivated, and boost your results.

You came here with a goal, a project, a dream of a better you. We will accomplish it with Evernote in less time than you expect.

STEP 1: Download Evernote HERE, and get the first consultation FREE.

Fill the initial test and I´ll help you choose the best training plan for you.

*If you already have an Evernote account, please contact me.

STEP 2: Choose your plan.

STEP 3: After payment, you´ll get exclusive notebooks:

Personalized training plans and exercises


Custom Meal Plans and Healthy Recipes


Daily coaching chat sessions

Because it’s online, instead of only seeing your coach when you’re with them, I use technology to be accessible and responsive at all times:

daily coaching sessions to answer questions and provide support, and near constant contact with me.

STEP 3: Achieve your goals.


Do I need a gym membership?

No. You can get fit at home.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

No. I´ll design your workouts around the equipment you have (dumbbells, bands, etc) or just body weight.

What kind of diet may I expect?

A diet is simply a collection of eating habits. As everyone knows, habits of all kinds are difficult to change. Still, people succeed in changing their habits every day. Applied to diet, one way is to replace your diet with a new and better one. The other is to improve your existing diet. Both scientific and real-world evidence suggests that the second approach is more effective. Recent studies show that dietary changes are more likely to stick if they build upon existing routines and preferences rather than replacing them wholesale, as most popular diets need.

Pick up and skim through any given popular diet book, you would probably find that its author had zero interest in your current diet—what you like, what you don’t like, what agrees with you, and what doesn’t. Regardless of which specific diet is being peddled in the book, the underlying message is, “This is the way you have to eat. Abandon your current way of eating and start over with this diet.”

By contrast, in my work as a sports nutritionist, I ask clients lots of questions about their current eating habits and then I suggest specific ways to make them better, applying the minimal necessary changes. Improving a diet rather than replacing it consists of adopting healthier versions of preferred foods and meals. I find this approach to be more humane, more pragmatic, and more effective.

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