Weight Loss

A fellow blogger relating her journey

Marcos weight loss

I started five months ago (January 2016) and my goal was to lose weight. Thanks to Chape´s advice, I succeeded. I didn´t expect that eating what he had recommended me, I could lose 8 kg in 2 months.
It was so easy, I changed my mind, and I challenged myself: What if I join a gym and get some muscle?
And here I am, gaining some muscle and motivated to keep training.
Do I recommend Chape? Of course! I would not define it as a diet. Neither starve or anything. The truth is Chape offers an unbeatable service and solves any doubt in less than 5 minutes!!
Very happy.

Muscle gain

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I met David 6 months ago. For quite a few years, my approach to the gym used to be occasional. Well, maybe 3 or 4 times a month and no more than 30 or, at most, 40 minutes. I had no method and I was bored, so when I heard about Chape I decided to put myself in his hands. I am 56 years old and vegan, two key factors that stimulate muscle mass loss. I had been noticing it dramatically in the last year. In fact, that was the main reason I started training. My idea was to tone up my muscles a little, or at least not to lose muscle mass. I surprised when I gained muscle markedly in recent months and almost without realizing it. First, I trained once a week. A couple of months ago I started doing it twice and my idea is to try to spend up to three days a week. The main reason for this increase is that workouts are fun and far from boredom I had assumed as characteristic “sine qua non” of weight training. In addition, the results have been spectacular. Nothing to do with those terribly boring sessions which serve for absolutely nothing.

Injury recovery

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Tell my experience is not a compromise, it is a pleasure.

I started young playing sports. Being an athlete is a lifestyle and a philosophy. It´s taking your day as a challenge, seeking to overcome.  I do not believe your dictionary contains the word "surrender".

After a nasty blow dragged by a wave, I felt some discomfort in the shoulder. At first, I thought it would be temporary. But I was wrong. Months of rest, ice, pills... nothing worked.

After reading Google´s answer, two years without physical exercise, I decided to contact Chape.

To sow hope in the heart of a demoralized is not so easy, so...

I will never forget the first thing Chape told me: You have not an injury, you only have a weak point to update.

That phrase sums up his philosophy: He does not accept defeat. He knows he is able to accomplish anything with determination and effort.

I followed his routines. First and most difficult, trust him and myself. Once done, I got up from the couch and went to the gym. Tailored exercises allowed me to have fun with the advantage that I was recovering my injury.

After three months, I started to get better. 7 months later my shoulder was stronger than ever. When I'm hanging in a harness, I do not remember which shoulder had the injury. I will never forget the teaching: with effort and faith in ourselves no injury will last forever.

YOU can reach your goals too!